Technology Trends Checklist

Item Complete
Policies – Processes and Practices for sharing information/ dissemination, including; email policy, privacy policy, social media policy, publishing policy, advertising policy
Consideration of Copyright Law – in relation to your website/ email/ other electronic communication – legal responsibilities
Acknowledgement of photos – legal responsibilities, safety of children
Consideration of Privacy Laws – legal responsibilities
Storage Proceedings including Preservation, Archives and Record Keeping
Website – Does it meet the accessibility standards as mandated by the Web Accessibility National Transition Strategy (NTS). This means you must have complied to Level A by December 31, 2012 and AA by December 31, 2014. Web content for both government and non-government organisations is covered by the Australian Human Rights Commission, Advisory Notes 4.0 which stipulates Level AA by December 2013.
Facebook and other social media exposure – possible ramifications
TryBooking – have you used this facility for organising your PD?
Listserv – does your association have a listserv? Have any issues been recognised?
Cannva – advertising and publications tool